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Digital Billboards


Increase your advertising revenue with digital billboards

One of the biggest growth areas in the led screen market is the role out across the country of billboards, with the limited abilities of posters to change and adapt quickly, the led screens allow for targeted marketing with the ability to really react to the time of day or latest news story. This brings in lots of possibilities from displaying the current song playing on a certain radio station to try and make you switch to that channel, plus social media can be displayed.

A key feature relating to the billboards is the ease of installation, the speed of installation and the robust nature of the product that is used. We have a range of excellent solutions including a cabinet that is IP67, so this cabinet can effectively be submerged in water and still operate which allows it to work in the worst of weather conditions.

Weight can also play a part and we have a number of weight options for screens to make an allowance for the type of locations they can be installed in, alongside the screens themselves we have a suite of content management solutions that allow the synchronised control of a number of displays with fail safe off line back up solutions. We have a team that can make the best suggestion as to the product that best suits your needs and draw up the way this will be installed and integrated.



Free standing and wall fixed solutions.

It is easy to see the benefits of digital versus paper billboards. We can replace existing paper boards and also install in airports, railways, shopping malls, city centres and roadside.

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