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LED Screen Hire and Sales

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Large Shop Window Display

Interactive Touch Screens

Indoor Video Floors

Indoor Video Walls

Digital Signage

Large LED Walls

We have a wide range of products and solutions to help your store to engage with customers through digital signage. Our modular screens allow us to provide you with a custom display of any size including curved screens. All screens are designed and installed by our professional team.

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Large Replay Screens

With the advent VAR and the importance of screens for fan engagement this is a very important area of the sports presentation process. Whether it is displaying the cricket score or showing a replay of the action on the pitch these displays feature as an important part of the infrastructure and communication service. The systems can be installed in stands on the edge of roof canopies or mounted from the ground upwards. The latest technology allows for the highest level of brightness to be achieved with new efficient power saving technology assisting with the green credentials of this product. Different resolutions are available depending on where the closest person is sat to the screen and the size of display that is required. The screen can be segmented to display scores , tickers or advertising messages.

Large LED Screen in Stadium

Content Management Solutions

Localised control of screens from the PA room allows all screens to work together. The control systems that we install allow for slow motion and replays, other key features is the ability to integrate social media into the displays. The primary functionality is the score display and timers but there is also the options to integrate live video feeds , robot cameras and wireless video solutions. All these control rooms are custom designs to integrate with audio and other displays in the concourse areas of the stadium.


This is a big growth area for the sports entertainment market, a screen positioned next to the stadium with an area alongside it with street food services and possibly a bar option. These screens can show proceeding or following the match at the stadium, they can also show sports feeds from Sky Sports and BT sports news channels. These areas can be set up in a matter of a few hours and provide an extended period of entertainment as part of the match day experience.

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Exhibition Stands

We have a range of solutions for your exhibition stand.

LED Large Walls

Ceiling Screens

Curved Bendy Ticker Screens

Interactive Floor Solutions

Touch Screens

3D Screens - No Glasses Required

LCD TV panels




Audio systems

iPad Content Control Systems

Mother Grid Truss Systems

Curved Truss Systems

Ground Support Truss Systems

Exhibition Feature Areas

We offer a complete range of exhibition feature areas technical solutions whether it is for a one person presentation area or a full constructed theatre we have a wide selection of products available. From large led backdrop screens, to staging , ramps, lcd tv, audio and lighting we can design the package that fits your budget and maximises attendee engagement. For some exhibitions we have even constructed tunnels with VIP structures for viewing above the tunnel, we have an experienced team who can put together the services required with a management team and technicians in each area of the show floor.

Exhibition services

We offer the following services to exhibitions:

Technical Delivery of Feature Areas

Digital Signage

Digital Flown LED Advertising Cubes

Event TV

Live Streaming

Technical Production

Product Integration

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One of the biggest growth areas in the led screen market is the role out across the country of billboards, with the limited abilities of posters to change and adapt quickly, the led screens allow for targeted marketing with the ability to really react to the time of day or latest news story. This brings in lots of possibilities from displaying the current song playing on a certain radio station to try and make you switch to that channel, plus social media can be displayed.

A key feature relating to the billboards is the ease of installation, the speed of installation and the robust nature of the product that is used. We have a range of excellent solutions including a cabinet that is IP67, so this cabinet can effectively be submerged in water and still operate which allows it to work in the worst of weather conditions.

Weight can also play a part and we have a number of weight options for screens to make an allowance for the type of locations they can be installed in, alongside the screens themselves we have a suite of content management solutions that allow the synchronised control of a number of displays with fail safe off line back up solutions. We have a team that can make the best suggestion as to the product that best suits your needs and draw up the way this will be installed and integrated.

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Our Technical Director started in this industry supplying screens to large scale regional concerts and festivals across the UK, this included events like Glastonbury. There are a number of services we supply to this market, firstly the large IMAG screens (Left and right of the stage). These are normally used to show larger images of the on stage performers. We don’t only supply the screens we can supply the camera systems, video mixing, producers to really bring the show alive.

One of the other key festival services is the back drop screens, these can be mounted behind the performer to provide a number of different images and content designs that help to animate the on stage performance these can be linked into the side screens to work together as one canvas. Another service is using our amazing and unique W4 panel, this flexible panel can be used to create on stage columns and curves, strips and banners and it can be controlled by one of our multi layer video control units.

Another interesting feature is the ability to attach screens to the front edge of the stage to follow the curve we have a number of different products for this and can supply further information on request.

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We have been supporting theatrical productions around the world with LED Screens and some highly creative technology. From a simple back wall, to a set of Portals and flown screens, we can bring any show to life. Our creative artistic content can make your show explode from all angles. These shows just have to be seen where we can link the sound, lighting and video to work at the same time and bring the most spectacular special effects to the front of the action.

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