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LED Screen Hire and Sales


Giant replay screens & perimeter screens

We have a range of high quality screens to create the ultimate interactive fan experience.

Stadium Giant Replay Screen

Ideal solution for replays, scoreboard and advertising

We can supply and install the latest high quality screens for any sports stadium or arena. Whether a basic scoreboard for a small local venue or looking to make a bold statement with live broadcast, playback and scoring for your arena or stadium, our sports screens experts will work closely with to ensure your needs are and expectations exceeded.

Stadium Concourse

Digital Signage, Half Time Entertainment, Public Safety Advice,

The concourse is a key area pre-match and half time. We have a range of screens for advertising, signage, live TV and retail. Screens can also be installed on to the exterior of stadiums.

Control Systems

Our control systems allow social media integration, slow motion and replays of the key points of the action. We can include remote head cameras, wireless camera systems and touch screen instant macro features which make it very easy to operate and control.

Fibre systems for distribution of video can also be installed to allow for the high quality distribution of video with fibre convertors for the video control putting the heart of the control in the tech room of the stadium. We also supply software to integrate with various sports for example cricket scoring and athletics.

Weather Protection

Our IP 67 cabinet offers excellent weather protection, it is both front and rear access and is built for the worst exposed locations and with the British weather in mind, although it is just as at home in the heat of Abu Dhabi. Two keys can be used to remove the screen panels from the front and the panel turned at an angle can be removed and pulled back through the screen.

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